Saturday, May 15, 2010

Half full

There is the old saying, is a glass half empty or half full. I want to look at the world as half full. There is so much reporting of what is wrong with society, the planet, our culture . . I could go on but I won't. I had a life threatening illness a few years back. As hard as it was, I did my best to look at the journey as an opportunity to look at the world and my journey through in a fresh new way - aware now of how fragile it all was. I was struck by the outpouring of support of all kinds - some were big gestures and other were a card or a caring word. I find myself looking for those bright spots of people helping people, heroics by ordinary people, an unexpected kindness by a stranger or a friend. Or looking for beauty in something common that you see in a new light like the picture included above taken by a dear friend. These bright spots inspire me to be randomly kind and make me want to inspire others to make it a part of their daily lives. I am continuously amazed at how a random kindness or hearing about someone doing good can uplift you whatever your circumstance. I started this blog to share these inspirational stories and encourage folks to make a difference where they are. They may be new ones stories or old favorites. They might be small gestures or inhuman feats. I hope you will add your own. . . and be inspired to be regularly, randomly kind. Best!